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Elon Musk eliminates spambots, nearly half of Elon Musk’s followers revealed to be fake

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Elon Musk eliminates spambots, nearly half of Elon Musk's followers revealed to be fake

One of the highest priorities of the world’s richest Elon Musk, who bought social media company Twitter for $ 44 billion, is to deal with so-called spambots (fake accounts). However, they have got a big advantage from this problem.

According to Twitter audit tool SparkToro, 48% of the 879 million people who follow Musk on Twitter are fake. The report said that these fake accounts are a major contributor to the rapid growth of Musk’s followers.

SparkToro estimates that these are accounts to which no one has access. Meaning that it is a spam bot or has been active on Twitter for a long time for promotion etc. Musk announced during the Twitter deal last month that he was committed to removing fake accounts from the social platform.

Musk said, “I want to make Twitter better than ever by expanding it with new features, making the algorithm open source to build trust, and eliminating spambots and authenticating everyone”.

He said that spambots are automatic accounts that copy the activity of real people on the site, but are programmed to do malicious things ranging from spreading misinformation to promoting monetization schemes.

Elon Musk had less than 10 million followers on Twitter in 2017. After that tweets that brought about his earthquake started coming. After 2018, the number of his followers started increasing rapidly. In less than 5 years, his followers have increased 9 times. Musk currently has around 90 million followers on Twitter.

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