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Foxconn to Invest $600 Million in Phone and Chip Project in India

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Foxconn to Invest $600 Million in Phone and Chip Project in India

As per the government of the state of Karnataka, Foxconn is set to make a substantial investment of over $600 million in India. This investment will be directed towards two distinct projects: one in phone manufacturing and the other in establishing a semiconductor equipment facility. The move showcases Foxconn’s commitment to expanding its operations in India, potentially boosting the country’s manufacturing and technology sectors.

According to a tweet by M B Patil, Karnataka’s minister of commerce, both the Taiwanese company and the U.S. chip firm Applied Materials have committed to significant investments. The Taiwanese firm will invest over $360 million in a phone casing component plant, while Applied Materials will channel approximately $240 million into a semiconductor equipment manufacturing project. This move reflects their interest in strengthening their presence in the region and fostering growth in the respective sectors.

According to Patil, the phone project is expected to generate employment opportunities for 12,000 individuals, while the semiconductor facility will create jobs for 1,000 people. Foxconn, renowned as one of the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturers, is primarily recognized as the main assembler for Apple’s iPhones. However, the company is now keen on diversifying its operations both in terms of geographical expansion and product portfolio. This investment indicates their strategic focus on exploring new markets and ventures beyond their traditional scope.

While Foxconn’s primary operations center in China, housing the world’s largest iPhone factory, the company has been eyeing India as part of its expansion strategy. India’s push to attract high-tech manufacturing has made it an appealing target for Foxconn’s investment plans. Moreover, the company is making efforts to establish itself as an electric car manufacturer, aiming to diversify beyond consumer electronics. However, Foxconn’s attempts to enter the semiconductor manufacturing sector have seen limited success thus far. Despite the challenges, the company remains committed to exploring new markets and diversifying its business ventures beyond its traditional consumer electronics domain.

Foxconn had previously reached an agreement with Indian metals-to-oil conglomerate Vedanta to establish a semiconductor and display production plant in India, forming a $19.5 billion joint venture. However, Foxconn recently decided to withdraw from the venture, as reported last month. When contacted by CNBC, Foxconn declined to provide any comments regarding the investment in Karnataka. Similarly, Applied Materials was not immediately available for comment on their involvement in the project.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, India has actively sought to establish itself as a prominent hub for advanced technology, with a particular focus on semiconductors. Recently, Modi participated in a semiconductor event in India, where senior executives from major U.S. chip companies like Applied Materials and AMD were present. The event also saw the presence of Young Liu, the chairman of Foxconn. At the event, these companies lauded India’s potential and announced their commitments to invest in the country, showcasing India’s growing importance in the global technology landscape.

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