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Paul Richard Soliz, Britney Spears’ Alleged Beau, Describes Her as an Exceptional Woman

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Paul Richard Soliz, Britney Spears' Alleged Beau, Describes Her as an Exceptional Woman

Amid his own legal troubles and Britney Spears’ recent breakup with Sam Asghari, Paul Richard Soliz, 37, had only praises to offer for his rumored girlfriend. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Soliz described Spears, 41, as an extraordinary woman. This sentiment comes at a time when both of them have been in the spotlight for various reasons, including Soliz’s recent court appearance related to alleged probation violations.

He commented, “She’s an exceptionally positive and genuinely good person.” Soliz, while maintaining discretion about the specifics concerning the pop star, also mentioned that he continues to spend time with Spears and noted that she is in excellent spirits following her separation from her husband of 14 months, who initiated divorce proceedings on August 16.

He also praised Asghari, 29, as a “wonderful individual.” Records obtained by Us indicate that Soliz has a criminal history encompassing various misdemeanors, including disturbing the peace, child endangerment, and driving without a license, as well as felonies related to possession of a controlled substance for sale and possession of a firearm.

Soliz, who is a father himself, expressed a lack of significant concern about his ongoing criminal case and expressed confidence that it would likely result in dismissal. Additionally, he is presently participating in court-mandated anger management classes. In an ongoing legal matter, he was apprehended in December 2020 on charges related to the possession of a firearm as a convicted felon and unlawful possession of ammunition.

He ultimately entered a no-contest plea, resulting in a sentence of two years of probation and a 90-day jail term, as per records acquired by Us. Following his release in May, he reportedly began working for Spears, as disclosed by an insider. However, prior to being seen with Spears in late August, Soliz had been hired for maintenance work at her residence, but the source revealed that he was let go from his role after approximately two months.

Soliz, who holds a license as a contractor, is eager to improve his public perception. He clarified, “I’m not a negative individual. I recognize that there have been previous allegations against me, and I do have a criminal history – I acknowledge that.” He went on to emphasize his identity as a hardworking individual, stating, “I’m a working professional, a business owner, and I specialize in licensed contractor work, particularly in tile techniques.”

Following the breakup of Spears and Asghari last month, there were speculations circulating regarding infidelity being a contributing factor to the dissolution of their relationship. While one source informed us previously that Spears’ close associates would find it highly unexpected if she were unfaithful, a second insider asserted in the subsequent month that she had engaged in an affair with Soliz. The insider alleged, “He was dismissed from his position when Britney’s team discovered their involvement, but later he reappeared in the picture.” Additionally, the source claimed that Asghari became aware of Spears’ alleged infidelity through security camera footage.

The official paperwork lists July 28 as the date when they separated. Following the public announcement of their breakup, Spears spontaneously hosted a gathering. She shared on Instagram at the time, “I knew photographers were alerted because the car I was in had never been used before… So what does a person like me do!!? I put on my green dress and headed to my friend’s place!!! I invited my favorite guys over, and we partied all night!” Alongside her words, she posted a video (since deleted) featuring her dancing with a group of shirtless men.

“In terms of her dating life, Britney is primarily focused on relishing her newfound freedom and meeting attractive individuals,” an insider revealed regarding Spears as she adapts to her post-divorce life. They added, “[However], it’s challenging to predict Britney’s long-term desires; they tend to fluctuate frequently.”

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