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Kelly Ripa Discovers a Silver Lining in Menopause: Embracing the Freedom from Monthly Periods

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Kelly Ripa Discovers a Silver Lining in Menopause

While many women may have a challenging experience with menopause, Kelly Ripa has managed to find a silver lining in the midst of this life stage. During the October 3rd episode of her podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa,” the Emmy-winning star, who is 53 years old, openly shared her perspective, expressing her genuine appreciation for the absence of her monthly period.

During her discussion on “Live With Kelly and Mark,” the cohost, Kelly Ripa, shared her personal journey of encountering the onset of menopause amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ripa bravely acknowledged that the topic of the conclusion of a woman’s menstrual cycles remains somewhat taboo, saying, “Menopause is a word people still whisper,” and emphasizing the limited accessibility of information on the subject. To shed light on this important issue, Ripa hosted a conversation with her own hormone specialist, Dr. Erika Schwartz, aiming to address the stigmas surrounding menopause and the general lack of awareness surrounding it.

“We’re essentially stuck in an era of limited knowledge,” remarked Dr. Schwartz, emphasizing, “It’s as if we’re harboring a poorly kept secret.” Kelly Ripa, known for her role on “All My Children,” observed that a significant number of her older friends appear to be in a state of denial regarding their menopausal experiences, with some even insisting that they continue to have regular periods.

“They confide in me, someone who is open and candid about such matters, yet they struggle to broach the topic of their own menopausal experiences. It’s clear that the idea is too intimidating for them to confront,” the television personality elaborated. Kelly Ripa, who celebrated her 53rd birthday on October 2 and has been married to Mark Consuelos since 1996, expressed her desire for women of her age group to foster a greater sense of comfort when discussing menopause openly.

Ripa points out that many older women view menopause as something “embarrassing,” and she finds it perplexing, given the advancements of our era. Dr. Schwartz chimed in, noting that women frequently perceive menopause as a symbol of losing relevance, attributing this mindset to the enduring influence of outdated societal norms. She remarked, “In today’s world, there are still remnants of yesterday’s values that continue to shape our society and culture. This perception lingers, suggesting that once we’ve passed through menopause, we’re somehow deemed no longer valuable.”

“The moment fertility wanes, it’s as if you lose your value,” Dr. Schwartz continued, shaking her head. “In reality, you’re exceptionally valuable. That’s when you possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, making you a tremendous asset. Every woman should be proud of herself during this phase.” Kelly Ripa, a mother to Michael, 26, Lola, 22, and Joaquin, 20, shared a personal anecdote about how menopause positively impacted her fashion choices. She mentioned that she used to avoid wearing pants of a particular color but embraced a broader range of fashion options after realizing she was going through menopause. “The summer after my first Memorial Day through Labor Day post-menopause was all about white pants. I didn’t have to worry about a thing,” she humorously recalled.

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