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Ariana Grande Addresses Speculations About Her Relationship with Ethan Slater in a Rare Statement

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Ariana Grande Addresses Speculations About Her Relationship with Ethan Slater in a Rare Statement

Ariana Grande, at the age of 30, expressed a sense of nostalgia as she took to her Instagram Story on December 29 to share a roundup statement for the year 2023. The renowned “Thank U, Next” singer characterized this year as one of the “most transformative,” addressing both its challenges and joys. In the statement, she appeared to refute rumors circulating about her relationship with Ethan Slater, 31. Grande opened with, “One of the most transformative, most challenging, and yet happiest and most special years of my life,” acknowledging the array of emotions that marked the year.

The music sensation also reflected on her professional growth, stating, “I’ve never felt more attuned to and accepting of the profound lessons life has been urging me to learn. My work has brought me an unparalleled sense of fulfillment, allowing me to savor each moment,” Ariana elaborated in the message. She went on to express, “I poured my heart and soul into every project I had the privilege to contribute to, learning valuable lessons from the brilliant and beautiful souls I had the honor of collaborating with and encountering throughout this year.”

Throughout the year, Ariana collaborated on the Wicked films with her boyfriend and newfound close friend, Cynthia Erivo. In 2023, the same year Ariana concluded her marriage to Dalton Gomez, she conveyed a sense of being “misunderstood.” The founder of R.e.m Beauty expressed, “I have never experienced such a blend of pride, joy, and love, all while feeling profoundly misunderstood by individuals who are unfamiliar with the true me.” She further lamented, “…Those who construct whispers, weaving narratives based on their assumptions about my life.”

Despite facing criticism, the Grammy winner emphasized her newfound awareness of what holds greater significance in her life. Ariana conveyed, “I have grasped the significance of one over the other.” She continued, “I am actively listening to and placing trust in myself, even when fear or past traumas attempt to dissuade me. I am choosing to respond to matters deserving of my energy while simultaneously distancing myself from and safeguarding against those that do not.” The blonde beauty concluded her message by extending New Year wishes to her fans, reminding them, “If you ever find yourself feeling misunderstood or isolated, remember that it will eventually pass, and you are not alone.”

Ariana’s social media update follows only five months after speculations about her romance with Ethan began circulating. According to a source familiar with the couple, as of December 28, their relationship has reached a “serious” stage. The insider, sharing insights with PEOPLE just a day before Ariana’s post, mentioned, “Ariana is deeply committed to Ethan. She finds joy in being with him.” The source from the publication also asserted that while the couple occasionally goes out, they predominantly prefer quiet evenings at home, characterizing their relationship as “very normal.”

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