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4 The secret to building a successful Marketing Automation system for every business

 What is Marketing Automation System?

Automation marketing is also known as marketing automation. This is a term referring to the use of automation software in a business’s marketing process. It is designed to work like a smooth and efficient marketing machine. This system will replace people to do things like turn customers into leads, conduct market segmentation, and customer care.

An automated marketing system cannot take over all the steps in the marketing process, but it is a very useful tool in business marketing. it takes hours to send birthday mail to members who have the birthday of the month, then with Marketing Automation system, this will be done after only 1 click.

II. The benefits of Marketing Automation for businesses:

The problem of the Sale and Marketing department always exists in most businesses

Sale always reports that Marketing is looking for potential customers, there is no need, while Marketing always complains that the sale is poor, cannot close the order.

What do you think about this idea? However, this is not the fault of any department but due to the unclear cooperation, the customer’s actions have not been tracked, leading to such conflict.

Marketing Automation helps Marketing track the behavior of customers who want to buy goods yet so that they can transfer to the Sale department for the sales process. If Marketing does this well, Sale’s task at that time is extremely simple and gentle.

For those who do Marketing, when applying Marketing Automation, it helps businesses communicate with customers more friendly and properly.

Currently, businesses have not applied marketing properly and thoroughly to communicate with customers. Because it takes too much time and is not patient enough to send Mail communicating with each customer, the larger the business, the lower the likelihood.

Hence …

Applying Marketing Automation into customer care and communication will help your business:

  • Understand customers’ behavior and attitudes
  • Follow Up personalized care for each customer
  • Marketing Automation completely saves a lot of time and money.

III. 4 The secret to building a successful Marketing Automation system for every business 

Marketing Automation has a huge impact on the marketing campaign of any business, it brings countless benefits to the business. Building Marketing Automation systems is something that almost every business wants to build. But businesses that want to do construction need to prepare the following:

1. Define clear goals before building a Marketing Automation system

What every business needs to do before starting to build a Marketing Automation system is that they have to have a clear definition of the goal they want to aim for. Build a more relevant Marketing Automation system. Are you looking for more potential customers? Want to make a strong impression on calling customers back to you? Increase sales during the sales seasons?… Each of these goals will require you to have a different strategy. Therefore, the first thing to do is define your goals. 

2. Search and build a list of potential customers and needs to buy products

Businesses need to find and build a list of potential customers and needs to buy their products. On the basis of this list, Automation Marketing System will approach customers, send information to customers for marketing, consulting, and increase customer purchasing power. 

For example, a new customer visits your website to see the goods but has not really intended to buy. When this customer is added to your list of customers who want to buy, Automation Marketing must ensure that after the customer is cared for in a personalized form, their buying demand will increase.

3. Develop a personalized strategy for each customer

Personalizing your customers will help you consider the real needs and desires of your customers. For example, when they are regularly looked after, when they need to make a purchase they will contact you first

You need to build strategies for each specific customer group, even individual individuals. This will help the Marketing Automation system to run automatically but still personalize with each customer. This will make a strong impression on customers.

4. Build a customer nurturing system from the start

Getting attention, creating an initial highlight with customers is extremely important. The initial stage here is when the customer signs up for the email. For example, after a customer registers an email, the customer will receive the words “Thank you for registering”. Although it is just a line, it makes customers feel friendly from the first step. This will make it easier for you to acquire customers than to leave them uninterested.

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