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Taiwan: Covid-19 Cases are Increasing, Struggling with Vaccine Shortage

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Taiwan: Covid-19 Cases are Increasing, Struggling with Vaccine Shortage

Taiwan is troubled by the second wave of coronavirus infection. Especially in the capital Taipei, there has been a steady increase in the number of newly infected people in the last week. On Monday, this number reached 335. On Sunday, 207 new cases were reported. In view of this, many restrictions have been imposed here. The manner in which Taiwan handled it during the first wave of the coronavirus infection last year was praised worldwide. Since then, this Chinese island has largely been spared from infection. But now that the epidemic has once again raised its head here, this question has been discussed all over the world, where did the disturbance go?

According to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center, the cases of infection that have been reported here, the source of infection is within the country itself. According to Taiwan’s news agency CNA, a pilot was first affected by the infection this time. Later it reached the community. China’s state-run newspaper Global Times has said that a state of community transition has been created in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung said last week that the situation had taken a critical turn. In view of this, all social events have been banned here. Bars, clubs, gyms etc. have been closed. Strict fines have been made for those who violate these restrictions.

The Global Times has alleged that the Taiwanese government has viewed the epidemic from a political perspective and the result is now suffering from the people there. The newspaper says that the Chinese government had proposed a Chinese-made vaccine to Taiwan, which was turned down by the Taiwan government. Significantly, during the communist revolution in China in 1949, the rich people had fled to Taiwan. He has ruled there since then. There is a constant rivalry between the governments of China and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Health Minister Chen admitted last week that the country lacked a corona vaccine. According to a report published on the US TV channel CNN’s website, Taiwan is among the countries in the world where vaccination is slowest. So far, less than one percent of people have been vaccinated on this island with a population of 20 million. Taiwan received only the AstraZeneca vaccine, but its supply has recently been halted. In the first round, only diplomats, medical personnel, and other front-line workers were vaccinated. According to a CNN report, the rate of infection in Taiwan right now is much lower than in many countries of the world. But the speed with which it has increased in the last week is worrisome.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic last year, only a few thousand people have been infected here. Only 12 people have died. Therefore, Bloomberg placed Taiwan at number five on the list of countries that handled the epidemic better. Australia’s Lowy Institute placed her at number three on its list. But now the situation is changing and the real reason remains difficult to understand.

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