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Scientists are making new efforts to understand ‘Long COVID-19’

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Scientists are making new efforts to understand 'Long COVID-19'

According to experts, most of the cases under Long COVID were caused by difficulty in breathing. But there were also cases for which the help of a cardiologist, neurology specialist, dermatologist, or ENT (eye-nose-throat) specialists had to be taken for the treatment.

Scientists are now trying to estimate the long-term impact of the new wave amid a steady increase in cases of corona infection in Britain and other countries. The previous waves of corona infection came at a time when most people were not vaccinated. Now despite vaccination, there are signs of a new wave. Scientists are trying to know whether people who are getting infected in this condition will also see symptoms of Long COVID. Long covid already remains a big problem. Many people who have recovered from corona infection have continued to have problems caused by the infection for a long time. This is what experts have named Long COVID.

It has been observed that the symptoms of corona infection have been relatively mild in people who have been vaccinated. The incidence of their hospitalization or death has been less in such cases. In what form the problem of Long COVID will be seen in them, experts are guessing it. It was seen in people who got infected in the earlier phase that such persons continued to face some problem for 12 weeks after the infection was cured. These problems include difficulty in breathing, joint pain, blurred vision, and fatigue.

In the US, the NGO Fair Health has released a recent report studying the health records of two million patients. According to him, a quarter of the people infected with corona have suffered from Long COVID. In 38 percent of the people, these problems continued even after 12 weeks. A study conducted in Britain also revealed that of those who suffered from chronic covid, more than a third were still suffering from its symptoms after 12 weeks.

Long COVID Centers have been set up in hospitals attached to University College London. Dr. Toby Hillman, a specialist treating such patients there, told the London newspaper The Financial Times that most of the people who were treated for Long COVID in their centers were people in the age group of 30 to 60 years. They were people who were healthy before getting infected with Corona. Dr. Hillman said that his experience proves wrong the notion that only elderly or already ill people suffer from Long COVID.

During the study of 3,700 cases of Long COVID in a total of 56 countries, it was seen that Long COVID affected ten organs, with about 200 symptoms related to it. This study was done by the University College of London. Its report has been published in the British medical journal The Lancet. The study was led by neuro-scientist Athena Akrami. He told the Financial Times- ‘Tens of thousands of people are silently suffering Long COVID. Such people are unable to decide whether the symptoms they are showing are related to COVID-19. There is a need to investigate and treat all such people.

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