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OnePlus is conquering Europe – and setting a new record

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OnePlus is conquering Europe - and setting a new record

It is always exciting to see how smartphone manufacturers divide the market among themselves. The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus can now draw attention to itself with impressive figures for Europe. And even breaking records with it.

After OnePlus struggled with negative headlines in the past few weeks, we are now receiving good news from the smartphone manufacturer again: In addition to the OnePlus Nord 2 that blew up, the Chinese sales figures have also exploded. The market researchers from Counterpoint Research have found that OnePlus can boast an annual growth rate of an impressive 131 percent in Europe. The highest rate that a smartphone brand has ever achieved in Europe.

Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark play a particularly large part in the enormous growth rate. There the growth amounts to a rate of 200 percent. In Finland in particular, you could sell a lot of devices – and achieve a market share of 20 percent. Whether that has to do with the cool climate and the weakened fear of exploding batteries remains, of course, speculation.

Joking aside: The recent incidents around burning OnePlus North models are likely to be far too current to have a measurable impact on the annual growth rate. At the moment we can look forward to this positive news in the ranks of the Chinese manufacturer.

OnePlus itself states that this immense growth in Europe is due, among other things, to cooperation with Amazon. There, compared to the previous year, they have also grown by an impressive 159 percent. The three largest sales markets here are Germany, Great Britain, and Italy.

Despite the current sales success, OnePlus continues to stand behind industry giants such as Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi. But the Chinese manufacturer itself is of course still very optimistic about the future: The community of now more than 3 million active OnePlus users in Europe will continue to generate many sales in the next few years.

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