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IndiGo Places Record-breaking Order for 500 Airbus Planes, Marking Aviation History

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IndiGo Places Record-breaking Order for 500 Airbus Planes, Marking Aviation History

IndiGo, the leading airline in India, has announced its intention to acquire 500 A320 planes from Airbus, setting a new record for the largest order ever placed in the history of commercial aviation.

IndiGo stated in a press release that the recent order for 500 A320 planes will strengthen the already profound and extensive strategic partnership between the airline and Airbus. This significant order pushes IndiGo’s cumulative aircraft orders with Airbus to a remarkable total of 1,330 since its establishment in 2006.

IndiGo emphasized that the fuel-efficient A320NEO Family aircraft will enable the airline to uphold its unwavering commitment to reducing operating costs and achieving exceptional fuel efficiency, while ensuring a high level of reliability. This aligns with IndiGo’s strong emphasis on maintaining these standards and prioritizing them in its operations.

In a statement, Pieter Elbers, CEO of IndiGo, expressed the immense significance of the airline’s groundbreaking order for 500 Airbus A320 Family aircraft. With a robust orderbook of nearly 1,000 aircraft stretching well into the next decade, this acquisition empowers IndiGo to fulfill its mission of fostering economic growth, social cohesion, and enhanced mobility throughout India. The statement highlights the profound impact this order will have on advancing IndiGo’s objectives and contributing to the nation’s progress.

In addition, he emphasized, “This order serves as a powerful reaffirmation of IndiGo’s unwavering confidence in the growth potential of India, the A320 Family aircraft, and our enduring strategic partnership with Airbus.”

The IndiGo statement further elaborated, “Presently, IndiGo operates a fleet of over 300 aircraft, and we have outstanding orders for 480 aircraft scheduled for delivery from now until the end of this decade. Alongside this, the new firm order for 500 aircraft designated for the 2030-2035 timeframe significantly expands IndiGo’s order book to nearly 1,000 aircraft, extending well into the next decade. The IndiGo order book comprises a diverse range of A320NEO, A321NEO, and A321XLR aircraft.”

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