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iPhone 13: will the Apple flagship arrive on time?

iPhone 13: will the Apple flagship arrive on time?

You had to wait until November for some models of the iPhone 12. Will the puzzle of patience repeat itself with the iPhone 13 or will Apple’s new flagship set sail in time? It looks good.

The Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC will deliver the new chipset for the iPhone 13 as early as the end of May, reports DigiTimes. The production of the A15 Bionic is therefore ahead of the actual schedule. Last year there were major delays at suppliers due to the ongoing corona crisis, which is why the iPhone 12 came onto the market much later than its predecessor.

Will Apple be spared the Android fate?

Apple does not seem to be affected by the delivery problems that Android manufacturers are currently allegedly frightening. Qualcomm’s production partners, including TSMC, are currently said to have massive problems and cannot keep up with production, which is why delivery bottlenecks are expected for Qualcomm chips.

As early as March, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said that Apple was right on schedule with the iPhone 13, according to 9to5mac. He expects a release in the third week of September. Some models of the iPhone 13 could slip to the beginning of October.

A15 just a small upgrade?

The A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 should deliver 5 percent better performance and be 10 percent more economical in terms of energy consumption, reports China Times. That sounds like a marginal improvement. However, the A14 of the iPhone 12 already delivers outstanding performance, so that Apple apparently has little room for optimization at the moment. The next, somewhat larger step is only to be expected with the A16: 15 percent more power and 30 percent less energy consumption, according to Sweclockers.

The pure performance of the iPhone 13 should not give the future flagship a big advantage over the current generation. Other features should take care of that. There are obviously some design changes waiting for you. And Apple also wants to add new functions to the camera. There are several improvements in the rumor mill.

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