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Coronavirus Vaccine: Swollen lump is developing in some women’s breasts after taking corona vaccine

At present, the biggest vaccination campaign is going on in history. According to data collected by Bloomberg, more than 271 million corona vaccine doses have been administered to people in a total of 108 countries so far under this campaign, that is, millions of people are being vaccinated every day. Apart from health workers, the elderly and women are also included. Meanwhile, US doctors have revealed a shocking disclosure. According to him, after taking the Corona vaccine, some women are developing swollen lumps. This is definitely quite intimidating.

According to American doctors, the lump is occurring in the lymph nodes (lymph nodes) of the body. It is a network of vessels that filter harmful substances. They say that this lump is happening on the same side of the chest; on that side, the vaccine was placed.

Mammograms have revealed breast lumps in many women after vaccination, leading to ‘unnecessary’ fears about breast cancer. Actually, the mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breast. Doctors use mammograms to check for early signs of breast cancer. It is also called mammography.

Based on the results, American doctors are urging women to avoid going for a mammogram for four weeks after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. According to the Daily Mail report, experts say inflammation in the lymph nodes is rarely reported after other vaccines (eg, BCG vaccine for TB, flu vaccine, etc.).

Experts are now urging doctors not to ask patients to have a biopsy immediately, but instead of that first obtain information about the status of the Covid vaccine when it was applied and in which hands it was placed.

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