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Taliban entered Indian embassy in Kandahar and Herat, searched offices

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Taliban entered Indian embassy in Kandahar and Herat, searched offices

Afganistan: As soon as the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have also started doing maneuvers. It is doing the same trick with India that China and Pakistan have been doing. Quoting media reports, it has come to the fore that the Taliban had contacted India as soon as they captured Kabul and offered not to break the relationship. Meanwhile, the most shocking news has come to light that Taliban fighters had also reached and searched the Indian consulates closed in Kandahar and Herat on Wednesday.

According to sources, some Taliban terrorists had entered the closed Indian embassies in Kandahar and Herat on Wednesday and also scrutinized the documents there. They then took some papers and cars parked outside the embassy with them. Indian officials say the Taliban is acting against its promise, which it had assured not to harm anyone from the world. At the same time, in Herat too, the Taliban entered the consulate complex and took away the vehicles. While the Haqqani network cadre largely controls Kabul, the Taliban faction led by Mullah Yakub, the late Mullah Omar’s son and head of the Taliban Military Commission, is planning to take power and government from Kandahar, the traditional seat of the Pashtuns. Mulla Baradar has met Mulla Yakub after his arrival from Doha on 18 August.

Senior Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas had reached out to the Indian side and requested them not to close the Indian embassy. They will not face any threat from the Taliban, but on Thursday, the Taliban broke off trade ties between Afghanistan and India. Now nothing can be imported from there and nothing can be exported.

India had pulled out 200 of its people from Afghanistan in the past. Just before this, Taliban leader Mohammad Abbas had offered friendship to India. Mohammad Abbas is a key member of the Taliban’s political front leadership in Qatar’s capital Doha and has always been critical of India’s role in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the message of friendship had surprised the Indian officials as well.

According to media reports, India had some intelligence from the Taliban. Under this, India had received information that Lashkar and Haqqani terrorists had entered Kabul as soon as the Taliban were captured, which could threaten the officials of the Indian Embassy. Therefore, taking quick action, India had called back its diplomats by military aircraft.

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