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Over 650 people arrested in Sri Lanka for protest

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Over 650 people arrested in Sri Lanka for protest

More than 650 people were arrested in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo on Sunday for opposing the government. These people were taking out a march against the government by breaking the curfew in protest against the economic crisis. At the same time, social media platforms have also been banned in Sri Lanka.

After this, all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram went out of service in the country on Sunday. Internet monitoring organization NetBlocks gave this information. On the other hand, army and police personnel are guarding every corner in the capital Colombo, so that the atmosphere does not deteriorate.

India has come forward to help Sri Lanka, which is facing an economic crisis. India had sent an oil tanker to help Sri Lanka battle the fuel crisis, which reached Sri Lanka on Saturday. This is expected to provide relief to the people struggling with the fuel crisis.

India has started preparations to send rice to Sri Lanka. Loading 40 thousand tonnes of rice has been started here. The rice consignment is believed to reach Sri Lanka before the major festival. India will send at least 300,000 tonnes of rice to Sri Lanka in 2022. This will increase the supply in Sri Lanka, which may bring down prices in the country.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a state of emergency on Friday amid deepening economic problems in Sri Lanka. It has been said in the order that this decision has been taken for the security of the country and maintenance of the supply of essential services. After this, security has been increased across the country. On Saturday, shops were opened in the capital Colombo amid the deployment of the army, so that people could buy essential items.

After the declaration of emergency, the army can arrest suspects without trial and keep them in custody for a long time. 11 parties supporting Rajapaksa’s government have demanded the dissolution of the cabinet and the formation of an interim government. They say that the recent cabinet has proved to be unsuccessful in controlling the rising inflation.

There has been a shortage of fuel and gas in the country of Sri Lanka.People have to stand in line for many hours for petrol and diesel. The educational board has run out of paper and ink, after which the exams have been postponed indefinitely. There was no diesel in Sri Lanka on Thursday evening, due to which the transport system came to a standstill.

Along with this, 22 million people of the country also had to face power cuts for a long time. Milk has become more expensive than gold for the people here. People have to deal with many problems even for two times of bread.

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