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Iraqi protesters storm parliament for the second time in a week

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Iraqi protesters storm parliament for the second time in a week

Hundreds of demonstrators again stormed the parliament building in Baghdad for the second time on Saturday in protest against the prime minister’s nomination. Most of these protesters were supporters of Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr. Earlier on Wednesday, hundreds of protesters stormed the parliament in Baghdad. According to media reports, protesters entered the Parliament complex in large numbers and vandalized it.

On Saturday, as on Wednesday, protesters raised slogans waving Iraqi flags and photos of al-Sadr in parliament. On the other hand, the security forces had arranged tear gas, water cannon etc. to stop and disperse the protesters, however, the security forces failed to stop the protesters. Protesters were seen walking on tables in parliament, sitting on lawmakers’ chairs, and waving Iraqi flags. However, no MLA, MP was present in the Parliament. During this, a man was seen lying on the desk of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament. There was only security personnel inside the Marat who allowed the protesters to easily enter.

These protesters are opposing the candidacy of former minister and former provincial governor Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, who is backed by Iran. Let us tell you that elections were held in Iraq in October 2021, after which this is a significant demonstration. The protests began on Wednesday after competing political factions could not agree on forming a new government.

It is believed to be the biggest protest since federal elections were held in October, and for the second time, Shia cleric al-Sadr has used his ability to mobilize the masses to deliver a message to his political rivals this month. has done. At the same time, even before this, Al Sadr had gathered a crowd against the government.

While influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr issued a statement on Twitter on Wednesday, hours after followers took over the parliament. He asked people to return home safely.

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