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Earth’s rotation is completed in less than 24 hours, again the shortest record

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Earth's rotation is completed in less than 24 hours, again the shortest record

The Earth, which has been circling the Sun for centuries, has once again broken its record and created a new record for the shortest day. On July 29, Earth completed its orbit in less than 24 hours, 1.59 milliseconds.

According to research institutes monitoring the activities of space, earlier in the year 2020, the Earth had seen its shortest day. It was the shortest day since the 1960s. 19 July 2020 was considered the shortest day of recent years. This was 1.47 milliseconds shorter than a typical 24-hour day.

In the previous year i.e. 2021, with the Earth generally rotates at an increased rate and broke no records. According to the Independent, the Earth has recently increased the speed of its rotation. However, according to Interesting Engineering (IE), a new era of younger days may start now in 50 years.

According to scientists, the exact reason for the different speeds of rotation of the earth is still not known. It is believed that the reason for this may be changing in the inner or outer layers of the Earth due to oceans, tidal waves, or climate change. Some researchers also say that the motion on the surface of the Earth’s poles can also have this effect. It’s called the ‘Chandler Wobble’.

According to scientists Leonid Zotov, Christian Bjord, and Nikolay Sidorenkov, if the Earth continues to rotate rapidly, it may turn out to be a negative leap second. This can have an impact on the atomic clock, smartphones, computers, and communication systems.

This ‘leap of seconds’ may be the subject of study by scientists and astronomers, but it can cause huge losses. The clock can reset to 00:00:00 without going to 23:59:59 and 23:59:60. Due to this ‘time jump’, the data of computer programs and all other devices can be destroyed or damaged. For this reason, scientists will have to recombine all time-related instruments, including atomic clocks. This work is supposed to be a bit complicated.

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