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Selena Gomez Radiates Natural Beauty in Stunning Selfie, Following a Valentine’s Day Celebration with Benny Blanco

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Selena Gomez Radiates Natural Beauty in Stunning Selfie, Following a Valentine’s Day Celebration with Benny Blanco

Despite being the owner of her own cosmetic brand, Selena Gomez’s true beauty shines through in her makeup-free moments. The 31-year-old Golden Globe Award nominee recently captured a new selfie, proudly displaying her natural facial features. In the photo, Selena wore her hair down in a tousled style, paired with a gray cardigan, and she beamed a radiant smile for the camera. The Only Murders in the Building actress shared this fresh-faced snapshot on her Instagram Stories, marking the occasion shortly after celebrating her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Benny Blanco, whom she has been in a relationship with since mid-2023.

Despite immersing herself in the enchantment of her budding romance with the record producer, Selena has remained actively engaged in various other endeavors. Balancing commitments ranging from a Wizards of Waverly Place sequel series to making appearances at multiple award shows, the Disney Channel alum remarkably carves out time for events related to her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. Just last month, Selena graced the launch of Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort Body collection in Beverly Hills, elegantly donning an all-white pantsuit for the occasion.

The inception of her own cosmetic company wasn’t solely driven by a passion for cosmetics. In October 2023, Selena candidly shared with Fast Company during an interview that delved into the Rare Impact Fund’s mission. This initiative aims to challenge societal beauty standards and advocate for mental health awareness. Reflecting on her own experiences, Selena expressed, “I wanted there to be a conversation started. I wasn’t ashamed, and I wanted it to lead to something healing,” referring to her bipolar diagnosis. She added, “When I was younger, I thought I could save the world.”

Contemplating her impactful 2022 documentary, My Mind & Me, Selena emphasized the “responsibility” she feels toward young girls as a public figure. Tearfully recounting a poignant encounter, she shared, “It breaks my heart to hear a girl come up to me and say, ‘I was so close to taking my life, but when I watched your documentary, I couldn’t imagine doing that anymore.’ That’s the coolest gift, but yeah, look at me [motioning to her tears]. It’s crazy to have that responsibility.”

Selena also contemplated her self-perception, acknowledging that she regards other celebrities as “goddesses” while striving to remain authentic by embracing self-love. “I look at someone like Beyoncé, and I am amazed. My jaw drops. Every part of her is just impeccable, and it’s just so beautiful,” she expressed. “I went to her show and was blown away. But I’m just not that, and that’s OK. I’m me, and I’m a little silly, but I also like being sexy and fun, and I also want to do good with the time I have here. We need goddesses like Beyoncé and Adele. But I’m just happy to be your best friend.”

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