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450 Taliban terrorists killed in 1 week, Baradar defeated by Panjshir

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450 Taliban terrorists killed in 1 week, Baradar defeated by Panjshir

Kabul: It has been more than two weeks since the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan and now the Taliban is also preparing to form a new government in Afghanistan, but there is a part of Afghanistan where the Taliban failed to rule. Is. The Taliban terrorists are trying to enter the Panjshir Valley to take over the Panjshir Valley, which is occupied by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, but their efforts are in vain.

The Taliban created propaganda on Friday. He claimed to have won the Panjshir Valley, but shortly after Amrullah Saleh, who was fighting a war against the Taliban in Panjshir, released a video calling the Taliban’s claim false. Now the question is, is the Taliban, which has lost every time in Panjshir, resorting to propaganda?

It is not known who will win in the battle of Panjshir, but the Taliban wants to weaken the morale of the Northern Alliance. On the one hand, the Taliban claims that 4 districts of Panjshir are occupied by the Taliban, while on behalf of the Northern Alliance, former Vice President Amarullah Saleh claims that the claim of Taliban occupation of Panjshir is completely false.

The Taliban say that the entire Panjshir province is ready to be captured. On the other hand, the Northern Alliance claims that 200 Taliban militants have surrendered. The Taliban is spreading rumors that Amrullah Saleh has fled Panjshir, while Amrullah Saleh himself released a video saying that the news of my escape is false. The Taliban released several videos and reported that they captured tanks and cannons of the Resistance Force in Panjshir. The weapon was captured but the Northern Alliance claims that around 450 Taliban were killed in a week.

Whose claim is true in this, whose false it cannot be said at the moment, but Taliban is trying its best to capture Panjshir and NRF is trying its best to fight, repel Taliban and stop it from capturing Panjshir.

As easily as the Taliban took control of the whole of Afghanistan. He has to do the same hard work in the Panjshir valley. Masood’s fighters have driven the Taliban out of the Panjshir hills. The Northern Alliance has made it clear that the Taliban should give up the dream of capturing Panjshir. On the other hand, once again the formation of the Taliban government was postponed.

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