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Facebook’s Problems may Increase, World Governments are Mobilizing

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In Australia recently, when Google agreed to give money in lieu of news, it seemed that the dispute between Australia and tech companies was over there, but Facebook has created a new uproar by shutting down news and emergency posts.


Facebook users in Australia can share any news on Facebook, but it will not be seen by anyone. Tech companies have problems with the new legislation of the Australian government and the government has problems with tech companies. The Australian government has strongly objected to Facebook’s decision to block news sharing. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that we are afraid of threats from tech companies. The special thing is that he has also spoken to the Prime Ministers of Canada, France and Britain, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this issue. Preparations for legal action on Facebook are also underway in Australia.

on Facebook’s decision, Morrison has said that this step of Facebook proves that big tech companies are considering themselves as bigger than governments. These companies are thinking that no laws will be imposed on them and they will run the world.

New law will be implemented soon

The law to give money to the news institution in exchange for news has been passed in the lower house of Australia’s parliament. Now legislation will be passed as soon as it is passed in the Senate, after which tech companies will have to pay money to news agencies in exchange for news. Google has agreed to a new law after a long struggle but Facebook has objections. After this move of Facebook, many other countries have also come in support of Australia. Many UK leaders have also demanded to delete the Facebook app. These include Stephen Chiller, who was CEO of Facebook Australia.

Government page block, flood-fire information stopped

Facebook’s move also blocked the pages of many government agencies, which hindered communication. Information could not be reached to people even about emergency events like flood and fire. Meteorological Department information was also withheld. Facebook’s decision also resulted in the loss of the soon-to-be-introduced Kovid-19 vaccination. A large number of shared posts of their news have been blocked by users. Pages from international news agencies and institutions were also blocked.

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