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China becomes helpless to control new COVID-19 cases

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China becomes helpless to control new COVID-19 cases

China has been famous for its COVID management, is currently seen helpless in front of the corona virus. Despite the government’s efforts on a war footing to keep it under control, cases of new infections are increasing almost daily. At present, as many new cases are being reported every day, which have never come since the identification of this epidemic in 2019.

At present, complete or partial lockdown is in force in at least 44 cities in China. Shanghai, the most populous city in the country, remains the epicenter of this new phase of the epidemic. There is a shortage of medicines and food items in the city. Here a phone call of an elderly person has gone viral on the internet, in which the person was in a helpless state seeking help from the community committee. On the other hand, the whole country has been hurt by the news of the suicide of a health official in the Hongkou district. The officer wrote in his suicide note that he was tired of fighting the Omicron epidemic.

China’s pro-government newspaper Global Times wrote in a report that this is undoubtedly the most difficult time for Shanghai, where the Internet is flooded with angry posts from people. When a Global Times correspondent spoke to a dozen residents of Shanghai on Thursday, it came to light that people are facing many problems there. For weeks people have faced food shortages, delays in transporting infected people to mass quarantine centers, and general administrative chaos in some localities.

This havoc on China has been caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus and the sub-variant BA.2 of this variant. Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the nation on Wednesday. In this, he said that in view of the risk that lies ahead, we have to overcome the paralyzing situation. Tired of fighting the virus, we cannot leave things to chance. We have to strictly implement preventive and containment measures. A report by American TV channel CNN said that the current situation has emerged as the biggest challenge for China since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Xi has ordered local authorities to do everything possible to stop the spread of the virus. These steps should be taken in such a way that economic and social development is least affected. Till now China has been following the policy of zero covid. Till a few months ago, this policy seemed successful. But the way the epidemic has spread here in recent weeks, now this policy is also being questioned. There has been criticism from some quarters that despite the zero covid policy, officials across the country had dropped vigilance. This has resulted in bad results. Talking about the recent past, Chinese expert Yanzhong Huang told CNN- ‘You can say that at the moment the country is divided into different islands.

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