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Pakistan Blast: Suicide bomber recognized as Shari Baloch

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Pakistan Blast Suicide bomber recognized as Shari Baloch

A female suicide bomber blew herself up in Karachi, Pakistan, on Tuesday, 26 April. Many people including Chinese civilians died in this suicide attack. The attack took place inside Karachi University when a van was passing through the site of the incident. Among the dead are 3 Chinese and 1 Pakistani national.

This attack on the university was carried out by the first woman fidayi Shari Baloch of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). The militant group claimed responsibility for the attack in a written statement. This video of Majeed Brigade’s first lady fidayee Shari Baloch is also present on social media in which Shari Baloch is seen blowing herself up inside Karachi University.

Sheri Baloch, a doctor husband, and mother of two children, was a Karachi University student who blew herself up to target Chinese nationals. Shari did her MSc in Zoology and then MPhil. Please tell that Shari Baloch, who attacked Karachi University, was the second woman to commit suicide in Pakistani history.

The attack reflects the anger of Baloch rebels against Chinese projects in Pakistan who have long been opposing the China Pakistan Economic Corridor as the CPEC route passes through Balochistan. The BLA says that China is stealing its resources. Because of this, they are targeting Chinese citizens and the Pakistani security forces who protect them.

Shari Baloch was also a part of this rebellion which killed Chinese teachers. According to the BLA, Shari was the group’s first female bomber. In a written statement, the BLA said, “Shari Baloch has added a new chapter in the history of Baloch rebellion.”

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