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First H5 influenza virus infected human detected in United States

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First H5 influenza virus infected human detected in United States

United States: Infection with H5 bird flu has been confirmed in a person living in Colorado, USA. This information was given by the US Center for Disease Control (USCDC). According to the information, this person was in direct contact with poultry and was working to kill birds infected with H5N1 bird flu. According to a statement issued by the CDC on Thursday, this is the second case of infection in humans from a specific group of viruses of H5 bird flu, while this is the first case in the US.

The CDC also said that there is a possibility that this person may have been a victim of surface-transmitted infection. It said that the case of a human being with H5 positive does not change our assessment of the risk to human health. For this, CDC is taking regular preparedness and prevention measures. These measures also include an existing vaccine virus candidate. It can be used to make a vaccine for people if anyone needs it.

At the same time, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that we are monitoring and testing people who have come in contact with the poultry. People who have come in contact with wild birds infected with avian flu are also being screened. Avian flu is also known as H5N1 flu. Let us tell you that avian flu was first detected in a commercial herd of turkeys in Indiana. At the same time, this is the first case of infection in America after the year 2020.

Regarding this person found infected, the Colorado Health Department said that he is about 40 years old. He is asymptomatic (patients who do not show symptoms of the disease). He is currently in isolation and is being given the influenza antiviral drug Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) as directed by the CDC for treatment. The department says that this person was in close contact with the infected poultry. It is possible that the virus is present in this person’s nose without being infected.

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