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39 missing and 23 trapped in building collapse in China

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39 missing and 23 trapped in building collapse in China

China: In China, 23 people were trapped in the rubble after a building suddenly collapsed, while a total of 39 people are said to be missing. Hotels and cinemas were running inside the 8-story building that was the victim of the accident in Changsa city of Hunan, China’s central province. After this accident on Friday, a very deep pothole has also formed in the road in front of the building site.

The rescue team of the Disaster Management Authority of Changsa city is trying to reach the people trapped inside by removing the debris on the spot. City Mayor Zheng Jianjin told reporters that so far 5 people have been rescued by the rescue team. Machinery is being made to clear the rest of the people, but there has been no contact with the 39 missing people. It is not clear whether these people are also buried under the rubble or if their vehicle had already escaped before the accident.

apart from hotels and cinemas, residential flats were also built in the building, in which people were living. Due to this, there is a possibility of more damage to life and property. Mayor Zheng said the situation of the missing is being assessed.

although the city authority has not released any official information about those who died or were injured, despite the passage of more than 24 hours, it has been told that 5 people came out of the debris on Friday night itself.

State media have shown firefighters trying to make way by cutting pieces of concrete and metal with the help of heavy machines. Along with this, the rescue team is seen screaming in the rubble of the building and trying to get information about the trapped people. The people of the rescue team have also been seen trying to make room for experts by hand removing the debris by forming human chains with the help of common people who reached the spot.

According to the report in the state media, late Friday night itself, the sniffer dogs indicated that alive people were buried under the rubble. After this, somehow after making a very thin path, 5 injured were taken out from inside the debris and admitted to the hospital.

Although the authority officials have not yet given a clear reason for this accident, it is being speculated that due to the excessive construction of the old building, it has collapsed due to weight.

According to the report on state TV, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered to search for the victims at any cost. Along with this, an inquiry has also been ordered to find out the reasons for the collapse of the building.

State Councilor Wang Yong, the top official of the ruling Communist Party, was rushed to the spot immediately after the accident, which can give an idea of ​​the magnitude of the accident. An official statement on Saturday said that Wang is leading the team working on the rescue work.

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