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Ameirca prepares USD 500 million military package for India

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Ameirca prepares USD 500 million military package for India

America is trying to increase its relations with India. For this, it is preparing a military aid package. According to a Bloomberg report, US President Joe Biden is going to give military assistance of $ 500 million to India to reduce the dependence of the Indian defense sector on Russia.

However, it is not clear when the deal will be announced or which weapons will be included in it, an official said. It is part of President Joe Biden’s efforts to make India a security partner.

America wants India to see it as a reliable partner. The US administration is working with other countries, including France, to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has the necessary weapons. He said that India is already diversifying its military platforms away from Russia, but the US wants to help it do so faster.

The official said that the big challenge will be how to provide fighter jets, naval ships, and battle tanks to India because it is difficult to include such equipment in the military package that is being talked about. Several billion dollars would be needed to deliver jets, ships, and tanks. At present, this package is the first step to provide military aid. India has not commented on this.

At present 49% of the weapons of the Indian Armed Forces come from Russia and India is dependent on Russia for its parts. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in the last 10 years, India has bought weapons worth $ 4 billion from the US and $ 25 billion in weapons from Russia. This is the reason why India has been neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war at the UNSC.

America imposed strict sanctions on Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war, but India kept its steps back. Instead of imposing sanctions, it continued to import Russian oil at a discount. In view of this, America was disappointed with India. The US had also threatened India to limit ties with Russia. The US President had also proposed to take arms from America.

India follows its own path in international affairs despite the pressure. History is witness to this. America will not put its 20-year-old relationship with India at stake. America sees India as a great option to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region.

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