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IPhone 13: does Apple Face-ID fit for a pandemic

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IPhone 13 does Apple Face-ID fit for a pandemic

In a few weeks, we expect the presentation of the new Apple iPhone 13. The notch with integrated Face ID is also the focus of rumors again and again. Apple now appears to be testing the practice of restructuring.

This year we expect Apple to return to its usual event cycle and introduce the new iPhone 13 models in mid-September. There is not much time left and the rumors are becoming more and more concrete. FrontPageTech reports that Apple has started testing the new notch. An important feature is to bring comfort back to people in pandemic times.

Face-ID is extremely secure and usually also very convenient and fast. But one thing was annoying during the Corona period: If you wear a mask, Face-ID no longer works. So you had to go back to the good old PIN again and again in the supermarket, bus, and train. This is of course much slower and uncomfortable.

Apple would like to adapt to its users and make Face-ID usable in such situations. In addition, according to the report, one would like to make the safety mechanism unlockable even with fogged glasses. If that worked, Face ID would reach a new and even higher level.

Yes, you read that right. The new notch should be tested not in the iPhone but on the iPhone. Apple developed an attachment for the well-known iPhone 12. Apple employees should simply put this on their iPhone 12. This should then deactivate the existing notch and make the new one usable for tests.

On the render images shown, the new notch can therefore also be seen. This appears in a very similar shape but looks a bit smaller. This should please many Apple users who had difficulties with the module introduced in 2017 in the past. This is probably due to the fact that the earpiece is built into the edge of the iPhone 13. It won’t be long until Apple will enlighten us.

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