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Scientists warn, Alien creatures will come to earth because of humans

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Scientists warn, Alien creatures will come to earth because of humans

Scientists have warned that because of us humans, alien creatures will infiltrate the earth. We, humans, are giving them a chance to come on earth. This opportunity is going to increase in the future. That is, the more the reach of humans increases in space, the possibility of alien creatures attacking the Earth will increase. This claim has been made in a recent research paper.

This research paper has recently been published in the journal BioScience. According to this, the more space trips humans make, the more alien creatures will return to Earth with spaceships. You may not see this creature with your eyes. But after coming into the Earth’s atmosphere, they can become a big threat by infiltrating among the creatures here.

Anthony Ricciardi, Professor of Invention Biology at McGill University in Montreal, said that humans’ desire to go to space will make them face the problem of alien organisms. The more humans take their spacecraft into space, the more alien creatures they will have to face. Maybe these creatures are very subtle. But they can return to Earth with your vehicle. In such a situation, if they have made their home on the earth, then they can affect the animals present on the earth.

Anthony Ricciardi said that the same is the case with the micro-organisms of the earth. They can also go to space with the vehicle and make their home on any other planet or object. That is, the pollution of animals and animals will increase from both sides. Anthony and his colleagues want astrobiologists and invasion biologists to work together on extraterrestrial life. Only then will such problems be solved.

Scientists say that the alien creatures coming from the spacecraft will be mostly microscopic ie bacteria or its size. Scientists are calling it interplanetary pollution. Although it is also true that at the moment the possibility of this is very less. But the way humans are going fast towards space will increase the problem of their coming to earth. It would be difficult to stop. If scientists examine the spacecraft coming from space closely, then they may find some alien creatures sticking on it.

Humans have increased this type of problem in the past by sending creatures here and there. For example, the fungus Austropuccinia psidii found in South America was introduced to Australia. After this, eucalyptus trees started disappearing from Australia. Now there are very few eucalyptus trees left in Australia due to this fungus.

In the year 2019, micro-organisms called Tardigrades were sent to the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft. This spacecraft ended up colliding with the surface of the moon. Tardigrades are creatures that survive even in very bad conditions. They survive even in the vacuum of space. However, in the year 2021, a study was published in which it was said that the tardigrades accompanying the Israeli spacecraft were killed due to the collision. But the point is that humans sent a microbe to the moon. That is the life of the earth on another planet. This means that even micro-organisms from other planets must have come to the earth.

Anthony says that space agencies like NASA are fully aware of the danger of biological pollution. Therefore, planetary protection policies have been made since the year 1960. But the way humans are spreading their arms in space. Sending vehicles to other planets and calling them back to Earth, there is every possibility that alien organisms from other planets are coming to Earth.

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