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UK PM Boris Johnson to face his own party’s vote of confidence over the Partygate scandal

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UK PM Boris Johnson to face his own party's vote of confidence over the Partygate scandal

After some more details emerged regarding the Partygate scandal, it was announced on Monday to move a vote of confidence.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is in trouble due to the Partygate scandal, will have to prove the confidence of the House in the House of Commons on Monday. The ruling Conservative Party itself is bringing this resolution against him. If he loses in this proposal, then the post of PM will go away. However, it is less likely.

After some more details emerged regarding the Partygate scandal, the backbench committee on Monday announced to bring a vote of confidence. Committee official Graham Brady said he had received several letters from lawmakers calling for a vote of confidence in Johnson’s leadership.

The proposal has got the consent of 15 percent of the MPs. Voting can be held between 6 pm to 8 pm local time. If Johnson fails to gain the confidence of 359 Conservative lawmakers, he will be removed as Conservative leader and prime minister. If he wins, he will remain in office for one more year.

According to British political experts, 57-year-old Johnson is likely to win the vote of confidence, but it could deal a blow to his leadership. More than 40 party MPs are demanding his resignation in the Partygate scandal case related to breaking the COVID rules.

The Partygate case pertains to a birthday party at the British PM’s Office at 10 Downing Street on 20 June 2020, in the early days of the Corona pandemic. This party was organized in the cabinet room in violation of Corona rules. PM Johnson and his wife Carrie have been considered responsible for this. British leaders have termed it the ‘Partygate Scandal’.

Last Wednesday, senior government official Sue Gray released the much-awaited report on the matter. At the same time, 83 people, including Johnson, have been fined in the Scottish Police investigation. Johnson was under increasing pressure to resign after the Partygate scandal broke out. He apologized for it but denied doing anything wrong on a personal level. Based on Gray’s interim report, the police launched an investigation under the operation ‘Hillman’. The 83 people who have been fined include the names of PM Johnson, his wife Kerry Johnson, and British minister Rishi Sunak.

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