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Sheryl Sandberg resigns from Facebook’s parent company Meta

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Sheryl Sandberg resigns from Facebook's parent company Meta

Billionaire businesswoman Sheryl Sandberg has resigned as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Facebook’s parent company Meta. She was working for the social media company Facebook for 14 years. She was the second-highest executive officer after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Sheryl has resigned from Facebook at a time when the growth of Meta Company is seeing a steady decline. However, she is not leaving the company completely. Now she will serve as a board member. In her place, Javier Olivan will now serve as COO.

Sheryl Sandberg joined Facebook in the year 2008. She has played an important role in taking the company to greater heights on the social media platform. In 2012, Sherrill was included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people. In 2021, Sheryl was named 36th on Forbes magazine’s list of 100 billionaires. Sheryl is the owner of a net worth of $1.7 billion. Because of Sheryl’s majority of shares in Facebook and other companies, her wealth has increased.

Sheryl is also very fond of reading and writing. People are also crazy about his writing. In 2013, Sheryl wrote her first book, Lean In. In the book, she described her husband Dave as an important partner in her career. In this book, the discrimination faced by women in the office was also written in detail. This book was liked by the people so much that it became the second best seller book on the e-commerce site Amazon.

Sandberg wrote in a post on Facebook that she wants to do social work in the future. She has made a plan to do social work. She also wrote that the product made by us leaves its impact on a large number. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to prepare it in such a way that it can protect and protect the privacy and privacy of the people.

In 2016, she started the Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation in memory of her husband. This organization supports the Leanin website which was started by Sherrill. It is also used for charity in helping people.

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