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Threads, Meta’s Twitter Competitor, Surpasses 70 Million Signups Within 24 Hours of Launch

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Threads, Meta's Twitter Competitor, Surpasses 70 Million Signups Within 24 Hours of Launch

Meta’s recently launched Twitter competitor, Threads, has experienced a remarkable surge in growth within its initial 24 hours after being made available to the public on Wednesday evening. This impressive momentum can be attributed to the substantial userbase of Instagram, which has propelled the text-based social media platform to a staggering 70 million sign-ups. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced this remarkable milestone on Friday.

According to The Verge, by Thursday afternoon, users on Threads had generated over 95 million posts and received approximately 190 million likes, as per internal company data that The Verge had access to. Although Meta did not disclose updated engagement metrics for Threads, they referred CNBC to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement regarding the impressive number of sign-ups.

The rapid expansion of Threads can be attributed to its integration with Meta’s established social network, Instagram. Leveraging this advantage, users have the option to sign up for Threads using their existing Instagram handles, allowing them to maintain a portion of their follower base as more individuals join the app. This seamless connection between the two platforms has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth experienced by Threads.

According to Jasmine Enberg, Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence, Meta would only require a mere 25% of Instagram users to utilize Threads on a monthly basis in order for the platform to achieve a scale comparable to Twitter. In its most recent quarterly earnings report as a public company last summer, Twitter disclosed having approximately 238 million monetizable daily active users. This statement highlights the significant growth potential that Threads possesses, given the vast user base of Instagram.

Despite its current success, Threads has ample potential for further expansion as it has not yet been launched in Europe. Instagram’s chief has acknowledged that regulatory complexities need to be addressed before introducing the app to the European market. Notably, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has already expressed some apprehension about Threads. In fact, his longtime lawyer, Alex Spiro, penned a letter to Meta, accusing the company of “unlawful misappropriation” of trade secrets. These legal concerns indicate the competitive landscape and challenges that Meta may encounter as Threads continues to evolve.

In response to the letter, Meta’s Communications Director, Andy Stone, addressed the accusation by stating, “No one on the Threads engineering team is a former Twitter employee. That’s simply not true.” However, while achieving significant growth is noteworthy, it is not sufficient for Threads to become a lasting alternative to Twitter. The app must also demonstrate its ability to engage users effectively and maintain their continued interest, thereby ensuring its long-term viability in the competitive social media landscape.

Unlike Twitter, which is widely recognized as a platform heavily utilized by journalists, politicians, and academics, Meta’s Threads has the potential to appeal to a much broader audience and cater to different user needs, thanks to its integration with Instagram—a visually-oriented platform with diverse use cases. Moreover, Meta has implemented measures to reduce the prominence of political content on Facebook, and if this policy extends to Threads, it would differentiate the platform from Twitter. This approach emphasizes Meta’s commitment to creating a unique space where users can engage without being inundated by political discourse, setting Threads apart from its competitor.

Jasmine Enberg mentioned that it is unlikely for news enthusiasts and devoted Twitter users to shift their allegiance to Threads. To sustain the momentum beyond the initial novelty, Meta will need to continually introduce captivating features and content. It cannot be assumed that individuals will utilize Threads for staying updated on news and global events as they do on Twitter, considering the potential cultural differences. However, this distinction could work in Meta’s favor as even the most dedicated Twitter users are becoming increasingly fatigued by the perpetual chaos and sudden modifications. Threads could potentially provide a refreshing respite from these challenges, presenting an appealing alternative to users seeking a more stable and consistent social media experience.

Despite the aforementioned considerations, a notable number of politicians have already embraced Threads. According to Axios, by Thursday evening, over 25% of the 535 members of Congress, spanning both chambers, had registered accounts on the platform. Additionally, several Republican presidential candidates and key White House aides, totaling half a dozen individuals, have also joined Threads. This uptake among political figures indicates the platform’s appeal within the political sphere and underscores its potential impact on political discourse and communication.

The availability of an alternative to Twitter is anticipated to be well-received by numerous advertisers who are accustomed to collaborating with Meta. This is particularly true if they perceive the alternative, Threads, to offer greater brand safety. Meta has confirmed that Threads will be subject to the same community guidelines that govern Instagram, further assuring advertisers of a consistent approach to maintaining a safe and reliable environment for their brands. This alignment with Instagram’s guidelines is likely to garner additional support from advertisers seeking a reliable and secure platform for their promotional efforts.

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