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5 Examples of Marketing Automation should be used in the customer journey

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1. Blog Subscribers Welcome Email

When a potential customer registers to Blog an Email Automation will be sent immediately, also considered as a “welcome email” and in the email contains different contents:

First, the email will thank those who signed up. Next, update the relevant information that subscribers need: Registration documents, content, and when they will receive follow-up emails or promote other Blog articles/offers. Don’t forget to add relevant CTA (Call-to-action) to drive customers to learn more about your business.

This type of email is important because it will make new sign-ups feel welcome, clearly understanding what they will get from the business.

2. Chain Email Automation nurtures potential customers


If a contact has downloaded some offers at the top of the funnel-like an ebook and an event, that could be a good indication that their availability has increased. This nurturing email automation can include content in phases to convert leads into buying:

‘Awareness’ stage: After 3 days when they’ve signed up for an ebook or seminar, send potential customers an offer related to the content they are interested in. (Do not rush to sell at this stage!)

The ‘evaluation’ phase: After the next 3 days, offer more in-depth documents about the content they are interested in: Blog articles, ebooks, Case Study. For example, a customer who downloads an ebook on Marketing then sends articles about how your product or service solves the problems in Marketing.

Phase of ‘purchase’: After the next 3 days, send your final email to potential customers such as free consultation, review, trial or demo.

3. Notify internally notifies Sales

One of Automation’s most important functions is letting technology nurture your leads throughout the purchase process, so your sales team only needs to get involved when they are really needed, not leaving customers. Potential items are missed.

On any given website, the potential shows more interest in the product when visiting the quote page, product or filling out a registration form. Internal Notify will notify sales teams of customer behavior and requirements, allowing sales teams to connect with potential customers best at the right time.

4. SMS, Email customer care

Personalized messaging is a great way to engage potential customers. Sending birthday messages to customers has become an indispensable method in email marketing, sms and a good opportunity to give them a special gift on this occasion.

For example You can create commemorative Automation Automation for your longtime customers doing business with you. Or there may be other personal events related to customer birthdays, holidays.

5.Workflow upcoming purchase reminder

Do you have customers who purchase a cycle? Set up Workflow Automation prompting customers for repeat purchases.

Example: You sell CRM software products (customer care and management) with a contract of 1 year. Set up email automation that prompts customers to renew contracts when it’s about to end.

Start automation with Marketing Automation,

Hopefully, this article has given you a lot of ideas about the automation processes you can follow to make your marketing, sales and customer care strategies more efficient and openable. wide. And don’t forget to experience the Marketing Automation feature of CRMVIET!

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