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3 Tactic SMS Marketing Automation for Service Business Enterprise

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I. Benefits of SMS Marketing Automation:

As service businesses are very focused on their target customers as there are more and more competitors, SMS is becoming an essential part of effective omnichannel marketing. Focus on target customers and increase profit for the business

Here are the 3 main benefits that SMS Marketing Automation brings to a service business:

SMS helps businesses directly reach customers

SMS is one of the most instant channels available; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of sending messages to customers, you can rest assured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly. A significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful return on investment, reaching over 50% when combined with other popular channels like email and social networks.

SMS is a development promotion tool for other tools

Typically SMS is a tool to help businesses remind customers and increase the percentage of customers opening emails to read information about your program.

Example: A simple SMS that says “Have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20% –30%.

SMS feedback data helps businesses improve their services

Tracking customer SMS feedback data helps businesses to monitor customer feedback from positive to negative. From there, you can improve the service quality of your company, because if your industry is a service, at least you need to correct and satisfy your customers first. 

II. 3 Tactic SMS Marketing Automation for service business enterprises

1. Create automatic feedback for leads online via SMS

49% of potential customers always expect to receive immediate feedback from the business where they used the service, but nowadays businesses are not paying attention, but there is a very difficult situation to handle, the business cannot 24 hours a day for customer feedback, so SMS Marketing Automation will help you do this and get you a potential customer back from your competitor’s hands.

So what is the role of SMS Marketing Automation here?

To maintain uninterrupted online customer service, you can set up form text messages to respond to customers. These questions come from main issues related to the service industry your business is in. The message content should be as simple as: “Hello [name], thank you for your interest. to project [project name], when can I call you? ”. (With the fields in parentheses, you can easily personalize each customer.)

2. Send reminders and the latest information to customers

SMS is a great way to help you send important reminders to your customers. 

For example, you can set a reminder time a day or two before your scheduled real estate meeting, and SMS also allows you to send messages to update your business deals. Karma

This will be a way for your business to be remembered in the mind of your customers. Especially in this service industry, your thoughtful attention will help you win the favor of your customers

3. Maintain contact with the Returning Customers List

If you are concerned and you are having problems forgetting your old customers, you should never ignore the SMS Marketing Automation tool, which will help you stay in touch with old customers by visiting and asking customers. item and give them some information 

Staying in touch with text messages or providing information that customers are interested in is a great way to help improve the relationship between customers and businesses.

Some scenarios you can do are as follows:

– Ask customers within 2-3 weeks after ending the transaction

– Celebrate one year of the customer using the service 

– Happy birthday, important customer occasion

If your client is interested in real estate projects, ask the client first if you can submit some real estate updates related to it. For example, on-sale events, model house tours, promotions, year-end discounts …


Above are the benefits and tactics of SMS Marketing Automation that we have compiled to send you.If you do not want to leave your customers behind, SMS will be an effective tool to make a mark on customers and help you to increase your return on investment ROI. Lastly, thanks for accompanying us to this last line. Good luck!

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