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What is SMS Marketing Automation? 6 Tips for optimal SMS Marketing Automation

I. What is SMS Marketing Automation?

What is SMS Marketing Automation? – Questions shared by thousands of people. You may not have clearly envisioned this concept before. But now, if you want to integrate and develop, do not ignore it

SMS Marketing Automation is a form of marketing using SMS containing content about information, sales, marketing or introducing products to the customers that businesses target. In addition, it is also a signature tool to take care of customers for your company and is an important part of Mobile Marketing.

II. Why use SMS Marketing Automation?

You probably know SMS Marketing Automation but you probably don’t know why you should use it yet. Here are some of the main reasons why SMS Marketing Automation is used so much by marketers:

  • Global range. When five billion people have a mobile connection, SMS marketing offers a great opportunity to engage with an audience, limited only by the creativity and size of the phone number list.
  • High level of interaction. People check cell phones 80 times a day; For that reason, SMS marketing campaigns showed a significant open rate.
  • Lots of opportunities to use. Businesses use SMS Marketing Automation to advertise, alert, announce, remind, confirm passwords, contests, news, product information, etc.
  • Suitable for all business sizes. Big companies like banks, travel agents, airlines, healthcare providers, etc., utilize SMS marketing as a tool to reach the masses. At the same time, a small business uses it for a local audience with a more precise goal on a smaller scale.
  • Instant contact with users. Typically, an SMS campaign takes 3-6 seconds to send. Speed ​​is an essential factor in effective SMS marketing.
  • No returns. Unlike email marketing, there are no bounces in SMS marketing campaigns. Even if the mobile device is out of range or turned off, SMS will reach the user after the phone is reconnected to the mobile network.
  • Works best when combined with other channels. SMS marketing goes hand in hand with email marketing and web push notifications. Savvy marketers create combinations of these channels to achieve their goals, and sometimes they send automated SMS to duplicate messages that email fails to send.
  • No special skills required. Creating an SMS campaign is very easy. It takes about five minutes to build one.

III. 6 Tips for optimal SMS Marketing Automation:

How to use SMS Marketing Automation to achieve the highest efficiency? Let’s learn some tips below:

  1. Select SMS sending list in your Customer List 
  2. Make suggestions from time to time
  3. Implement personalized
  4. Write an original document
  5. Segment your audience
  6. Send SMS when convenient for users
  • Select the SMS sending list in your Customer List. Do not send SMS campaigns without the recipient’s permission. It will do more harm to your business than good because people don’t expect messages from you; it will just annoy them, so use the SMS opt-in method instead.
  • Make a time-sensitive offer. Add the mixed emergency element with a single value. It’s a powerful incentive to engage customers with your proposal.
  • Implement personalized. Personalize your SMS marketing to give your audience a more enjoyable experience. Personalization is the key to building a relationship of trust with customers.
  • Write an original document. The length of SMS is 160 symbols. You must be flexible enough to promote your products and engage consumers. Be as concise as possible, using the word for word.
  • Segment your audience. With segmentation, you can send slightly different messages to different groups of people based on similarities like gender, country and location as a sales funnel, etc.
  • Send SMS when it’s convenient for users. Find out the best time to send an SMS campaign to reach a wider audience. Don’t interrupt people when they are probably busy or asleep.


Above is our share of SMS Marketing Automation and 6 Tips for optimal SMS Marketing Automation .. This is really a useful information system for marketing in the modernization era. Hope this article has brought useful information to readers. Good luck.

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