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6 steps to build a strategy to reach and attract successful corporate customers

II. Strategy to approach and attract customers 

1. Have a clear goal

You need to understand who you are selling to, how your product is sold, how does it help your customers? Could your goal be to let that customer know your brand name or aim to sell immediately? Which businesses do you want to target? 

Setting specific goals also helps businesses draw portraits of customers most accurately. When you work and want to attract business customers, you need to be sure of your expertise, because you are reaching out to the top executives of that client’s business. very accurate subject, analysis and evaluation

2. Business identification is a long-term process

The target group you are targeting is the business customer, so their buying process takes a long time, maybe up to half a year for a contract. So you shouldn’t be in a hurry with business customers. They need time to learn and consider carefully before signing your purchase contract

Right from the search process, bringing them into the sales funnel and going through the steps of screening, consulting, persuading, combining nurturing until closing the transaction has “consumed” quite a lot of time. The more you hurry, the more likely you will fail. 

Another very important factor is the sales skills of your sales staff. If your employees are knowledgeable and have good sales skills they will be able to connect and close deals with business customers much faster.

Besides, persistence is also something that salespeople need to master. Enthusiastic perseverance will make business customers feel appreciated, which will increase the rate of closing orders and the rate of customers coming back to you. 

3. Identify the client’s problem

To build an effective strategy to reach and engage corporate customers, it is important to understand customer backlog issues. 

A business has many backlogs and problems that can affect more or less the revenue and profit of the business. However, you need to identify the “most painful” problem that businesses are facing and find a solution to them

Understanding the customer’s problem will help you convince them better. Evidence of the usefulness of the product you sell in “cleaning up” the problem is also more reliable.

4. Manage customer data with CRM software

CRM software has the main task of storing and managing customer data effectively for businesses. This software is not to be ignored by the strategy of reaching and attracting customers, because the customer file of enterprises is very thick and it is the most important resource of any business. If they manage and use it well, then their revenue stream will be stable

CRMVIET provides features such as CRM switchboard, email automation, Push notification, sending Mess through Chatbot to customers, helping to increase interaction on every touchpoint.

Confidence is the leading company in Vietnam at the forefront in the CRM field. CRMVIET software provides you with outstanding features to help you manage and care for your customers in the most effective way.

5. Targeting in need

Approaching customers as the right business is that you build quality, useful content to pull customers to find you. Business subjects are people who love to receive useful information for their fields.

They are ready to follow your fanpage, blog to read more of this information. Your brand has pinned customers in the head and increased their buying decision by 2-3 times.

6. Measure the effectiveness of each stage

Any job also needs a careful examination. Effective step-by-step measurement helps you see clearly what you are doing, how the results are, and you need to quickly adjust what to avoid going astray. 

Always remember what your goals are and keep a good record of what your goals are from day today. There are now a lot of automated tools to help store data and track sales performance effectively like CRM.

These tools help businesses easily grasp the customer’s conversion process, each employee’s working time, and the results achieved to build KPI for each individual


Business customers are very sensitive, so the strategy to approach and attract corporate customers also has its own characteristics. Through this article, you will probably understand more about this audience. Good luck!

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