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Neera Tanden withdraws her nomination as Biden’s budget chief

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President Biden said in a statement, “I have accepted to withdraw her name from nomination for the director of the Office of Management and Budget”

In the first major setback to U.S. President, Joe Biden has abandoned his plan to make Neera Tanden director of Management and Budget in the White House in the first cabinet defeat. Indian-American Neera Tanden has decided to withdraw his nomination from the budget director. Actually, there was a dispute about some of Neera’s old tweets. MPs from both Democratic and Republican parties objected to his appointment and said he would vote against her in the Senate. After that, Neera has withdrawn her nomination.

“I have accepted Neera Tanden’s request to withdraw her name from nomination for Director of the Office of Management and Budget,” Mr. Biden said in a statement. Biden praised Indian-American Neera Tanden and said that I highly respect her achievement and her experience. I want to see him play an important position in my administration. Biden has praised Neera earlier also. At the time of his nomination, the President said that Neera’s experience will work for the country.

Neera explained the reason for the decision

Neera Tanden said about her decision that she took the decision to withdraw the nomination so that MPs can focus on other important issues. She further said that now it has become clear that there is no way to get approval, so I do not want my nomination to be continued. However, the Biden administration tried hard to build a consensus in favor of Neera, but could not overcome the displeasure of the MPs. In such a situation, Neera had no option but to pull back.

Republican Senators Susan Collins and Mitt Romney had announced to vote against Neera. Likewise, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin also opposed her. Manchin told that Neera’s criticisms against Republicans and Democratic leaders are completely wrong and maybe affecting the relationships of the members. Apart from this, many MPs had also opened a front against him.

What was in the Tweet?
Neera Tandon stays very active on social media. She made several statements in his tweet about the MPs of both parties. This was the reason that opened a front against Neera. The MPs said that Neera’s tweets are objectionable and affecting the relationship of the two parties. Therefore, her appointment should not be approved.

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