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Taliban has changed, how the Taliban are getting their money

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Taliban has changed, how the Taliban are getting their money

The Taliban of 2021 looks different from the 90s. There is no doubt that the quality of Now TV broadcasts has improved since then. But, the Afghan terrorist organization has also changed a lot in itself. His Harithar is new and high standard. Armed vehicles are better. His clothes are clean. Overall, the Taliban of 2021 is no longer the same. From his thinking to his behavior, there has also been a change in his behavior. Earlier, the pictures of atrocities on women during their rule in Afghanistan are no longer the same.  Now the Taliban are looking disciplined. He is working on only one mission, whose objective is to take over the government of the country and take over. They are also looking satisfied, as there is no dearth of money with their organization.

According to Forbes, the source of the Taliban’s income is drug smuggling, ransom, and donations from people. Whereas, till 2016 it was not a major organization in Afghanistan. According to a NATO intelligence report, the Taliban’s annual budget in 2019-20 was $1.6 billion, 400 times the force’s estimate in 2016. The Taliban’s income has been disclosed by the REF from various sources. According to NATO intelligence reports, the Taliban is rapidly becoming self-sufficient to become an independent military and political organization.

In the last few years, the Taliban has also cut down on donations and aid coming from abroad. According to the 2017-18 report, the Taliban received about $ 500 million from foreign sources. At the same time, by 2020, the Taliban had cut it by 15 percent from the total revenue. Afghanistan’s budget for the same year was $5.5 billion, of which only two percent was spent on military security. Whereas, in the name of security of Afghanistan from the Taliban, huge financial aid was taken from America.

On the other hand, America, which is now preparing to pull its troops out of Afghanistan, is keeping its feet in comparison with America. He has spent several trillion dollars in the last 19 years fighting the Taliban and training the Afghan force. It now appears that the Taliban has become a bigger enterprise in Afghanistan, which is gaining ground against the US.

Looking from a full economic perspective, the Taliban is getting better investments to better itself. With which he is preparing himself to fill the gap created by NATO and America. This is one reason why Afghanistan stands on the brink of defeat.

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