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Delta variant spreading rapidly due to lack of vaccination coverage: WHO

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Delta variant spreading rapidly due to lack of vaccination coverage WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the delta form of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly due to lack of vaccination coverage, which is likely to put more pressure on health systems. The pandemic update released on Tuesday said that as of July 13, at least 111 countries, regions and regions have confirmed the occurrence of the delta pattern and it is expected to increase to become a global dominant pattern in the coming months.

WHO said, the increased transmission potential associated with the delta pattern is expected to significantly increase cases and put enormous pressure on health infrastructure, especially in the context of low vaccination. The spreading potential of the delta form is much higher than that of other forms of concern (VOCs) identified so far.

The increased infectivity means it is set to become the dominant pattern worldwide in the coming months. Apart from this, the delta is also spreading rapidly due to inequality in vaccine distribution. Work is being done to reduce this vaccine disparity under the Kovacs program.

Let us tell you that the delta variant, which is believed to be the main reason for the severity of the second wave in India, is now causing serious health problems in many other countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly urging people to be aware of the contagiousness of this deadly variant. In this regard, WHO Chief Dr. Tadros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in his recent statement has expressed serious concern about the rapidly increasing cases of Delta.

Dr. Tadross says, once again the delta variant is believed to be the main reason for the rapidly increasing cases and deaths of corona worldwide. With the way in which the cases of infection are being seen increasing due to this variant, it is feared that in the coming few days it may engulf most countries. Currently, the Delta variant has spread to over 104 countries.

View of the increasing cases of the delta variant, the WHO chief has appealed to the international community to work together to deal with this deadly infectious virus. Dr. Tadros has once again appealed to increase the speed of vaccination, saying that to fight this invisible but very dangerous coronavirus, the only solution we have at the moment is vaccination, all countries should accelerate the campaign of vaccination. so that the delta variant can be controlled.

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